National Taiwan University of Science Technology
  • 2019 Mar 14
  • To Develop a Win-Win Situation for Industry-University Collaboration, Taiwan University of ScienceTechnology (NTUST), Tokyo Institute of Technologythe top Universities Gathered in Tokyo.
In 2106, Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST) and Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech) signed the school-level cooperation agreement, and the collaboration of Taiwan and Japan academy. Later, the corporation was further expanded to the NTU System, which includes National Taiwan University, National Taiwan Normal University and NTUST, and 6U-HAPPIER in Japan, which includes Hokkaido University, Tohoku University, Tokyo Tech, Nagoya University, Osaka University and Kyushu University. The first Japan-Taiwan International Engineering Forum was initiated by NTUST and Tokyo Tech back in 2016. This year is the 3rd Japan-Taiwan International Engineering Forum, and was held in Tokyo Tech on February 28. The forum invited not only young scholars and students to publish their latest research outcomes but also entrepreneurs to involve in the discussion of the up-to-date technology applications and the trend on engineering. More than 130 participants represented from industry, government and universities, including President Kazuya Masu of Tokyo Institute of Technology, President Ching-Jong Liao of NTUST, and President Cheng-Chih Wu of National Taiwan Normal University. There were also nearly 20 companies joined the forum, including EBARA, FANUC, HITACHI, JFE, NTT, Advantech, DELTA, and TECO that shows the industry values, their interests, and demand on the results of advance research from university.
6U-HAPPIER is the alliance of the prestigious Japan Imperial Universities which have outstanding academic performance. NTUST saw these great opportunities to cooperate with Japanese academy and industry by officially forging a link with Tokyo Tech three years ago that the relationship has now been deepen and broadened from students and scholars exchange program, further grew to international industry-university projects. It is believed that the collaboration can accelerate the schools to upgrade academic competitiveness globally.
In the forum, 52 innovative research results were published, and the fields of research covered from the theme of AI, robot, sustainable renewable energy, water quality and conservation, Mechatronics technology, IoT, 5G and big data to advanced medical technology and regenerative medicine which is also the hot issues with regard to the aging society we are facing. With the object to develop a university-industry collaboration platform, the forum has successfully provided great opportunities for university and industry to exchange the latest research ideas and findings. People were impressed by those research results that both Taiwan and Japan delegates are committed to expand the collaboration to strengthen industry competitiveness and upgrade the development on engineering technology.
 The 3rd Japan-Taiwan International Engineering Forum was held in Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan.


Ching-Jong Liao, President of NTUST presented treasured scrolls of calligraphy to President Kazuya Masu of Tokyo Institute of Technology.
The Calligraphy means the school has outperformed their predecessors.

From left to right: Sure Lee, Consultant of Taiwan Tech GLORIA, Sheng Hua Chen, Section head of Green Technology section, Ship and Ocean Industries R&D Center, Prof. Kikuo Kishimoto, Taiwan Tech GLORIA Chief Expert Advisor, Japan Section, Talent Chen, Special Assistant of G.M., Allis Electric Co., Ltd., and Charles Wu, Director, AIM Center TECO Electric & Machinery Co., Ltd.
Prof. Kishimoto was the former Dean of Department of Transdisciplinary Science and Engineering of Tokyo Institute of Technology and also one of the organizer of the forum. Prof. Kishimoto encourages academics to broaden their horizon by collaboration with industry. He used to promote industry session in the academic seminars.