National Sun Yat-sen University
To accelerate the commercialization of breakthrough technology and entrepreneurship from campus, National Sun Yat-sen University (NSYSU) announced its new partnership on Feb.20th with BaseCamp, a famous innovation hub in high tech park from Israel.  The partnership includes to set up a representative office on both side、co-fundraising、startup coach and exchange program of research and collaboration with industries.  It also creates a gateway for both parties to work together in startup investment as well as campus innovation.
Under the certified witness by Dr. Ying-yao Cheng, President of NSYSU, the CEO of Gloria of NSYSU, Mr. Richard S.N. Chang and the CEO of BaseCamp, Mr. Uzy Zwebner signed the MOU together to kick off the collaboration.  A workshop was also arranged after the ceremony to discuss and exchange the ideas/experiences in research-academic collaboration. It helps both parties’ further movement of working together on research, industry innovation as well as the management of high tech park.
"This partnership is definitely an important milestone for Gloria of NSYSU and BaseCamp.  We will bring good topics and tech items together to this platform in the near future.  Gloria can stimulate the spark by introducing technology from Israel to local industries and, deliver the unique value to a global market with the connection of Israel in the domain of marine science, agriculture technology, medical device, AI and high-value material." said by President Cheng of NSYSU.
BaseCamp locates in the most famous Gav-Yam high tech park in Israel.  Mr. Uzy Zwebner mentioned he strongly believes the campus can generate breakthrough technology with high potential.  With his longtime experiences of coaching campus startup in Israel, he has confidence that the cooperation with bringing good value for all parties in this project.
BaseCamp was funded in 2016 in Gav-Yam high tech park and has become a very famous campus startup accelerator which is owned by a private entity.  By providing a systematic framework and methodology to those team from campus, Basecamp helps campus startup teams to get the needed resources and fundraising and go to market successfully.

Partnership between Gloria of NSYSU and BaseCamp.  The MOU was signed by the CEO of BaseCamp, Mr. Uzy Zwebner(right), under the certified witness Dr. Ying-yao Cheng, President of NSYSU.

Exchange the gift between Mr. Richard S.N. Chang and Mr. Itay Katzav(middle), Head of Business Development of BaseCamp.