National Taiwan University of Science Technology
  • 2019 Feb 15
  • Taiwan University of ScienceTechnologyKyushu University Signed a Cooperation Agreement, Met with Kitakyushu Foundation for the Advancement of Industry, ScienceTechnology (FAIS), Has Created More Opportunities for Future Cooperation
President of NTUST Dr. Ching-Jong Liao together with Vice President Jinn Chu and CEO of GLORIA Alex Wei visited Kyushu University in January this year to sign the school-level cooperation agreement. The delegation also visited the Kitakyushu Foundation for the Advancement of Industry, Science and Technology to exchange ideas and share experiences regarding to the academia-industry collaboration, and expecting to develop more opportunities for future cooperation.
NTUST and Kyushu University signed MOU in 2014 and developed close cooperation with each other, including student exchange program, visiting scholar program, seminars, short-term lectures and kinds of student activities, etc. Moreover, NTUST, Kyushu University and EBARA Corporation has established CMP Innovation Centre that students will take courses at Kyushu University first and then go to EBARA for internship. This tripartite cooperation is the perfect example that demonstrates the schools’ ambition to cultivate international talents for advance research development. Now that both schools are confident through signing the school-level cooperation agreement, the dual degree program will accelerate to arise more cross-country and cross-school cooperation opportunities, such as joint research programs. Students from NTUST who major in Engineering, Electronics and Applied Science and Technology can take Master degree courses in Kyushu University and will receive dual master's degrees from both NTUST and Kyushu University. Both schools expect to create more international industry-academia cooperation opportunities and to cultivate outstanding international talents through various ways of cooperation.
NTUST and Kyushu University signed the agreement on Dual Degree Program.

台科大與九州大學建立緊密的研究合作關係。NTUST and Kyushu University has developed close relationship on research and talent cultivation.