National Chung Hsing University
    On 18th, Jan., 2019, Jourdeness Group was signed the membership contract with National Chung Hsing University GLORIA Office. GLORIA international member, ETOS AGRO Group, was as the witness on that day. And, the contract was signed by the Vice President, Mr. Jenn-Wen Huang, and the chief executive officer of Jourdeness, Ms. Jia-Chi Chen. Apart from the ETOS AGRO people, the attendant guests were GLORIA CEO, Dr. John Hsu, GLORIA COO, Mr. YK Lin, and several department director and professors. And, the attendees from Jourdeness were the chief administrative officer, Ms. Carrie Chen, and several senior managers.  
    Jourdeness was the first cosmetology service industry listed in Taiwan. Apart from Taiwan, their business territory has broadened to China, Malaysia, Japan, America, Canada and so on. The CEO, Ms. Jia-Chi Chen, also announced that Jourdeness has invested 1.8 billion to create a “Jourdeness Biotechnology Farm” in the Da-Poo Park of Chiayi city (嘉義大埔美園區). And, it will start the construction from May, 2019, and the predict time of finish construction will be at around the 4th season of 2021. This Taiwan biggest cosmetic tourism factory, Tzuo- Mei Building (佐美館), provides the production line with GMP standard. It not only could expand production capability, but also provides the service of tourism industry. Moreover, they’ve also prepared to toward the international market. Furthermore, Jourdeness expects to have more connection and cooperation with NCHU distinguished professors in R&D.  
     To today’s big event, the NCHU Vice President, Mr. Jenn-Wen Huang, mentioned that it is really happy to welcome Jourdeness joins NCHU GLORIA. In the future we expect to have more industrial-university cooperation with Jourdeness as the bridge to connect campus technology and R&D with industries. And, it is really appreciated Indonesia international member, ETOS AGRO, to attend today’s contract ceremony. The chairman of ETOS AGRO, Mr. Sanusi, and general manager, Mr. Benny, are also willingness to help Jourdeness to expand Indonesia market, and cooperate with each other in the overseas market. Besides, NCHU GLORIA will also assist Jourdeness to process the global strategic plan on the patent and intellectual property for having more complete international business plan.

NCHU Vice President, Mr. Jenn-Wen Huang(right) as the representative signed with Jourdeness, which representative is t Ms. Jia-Chi Chen, the chief executive officer of Jourdeness.

The group shooting of signing ceremony