National Taiwan Ocean University
Current research is constantly revolving and shedding new light on aquaculture technology and additives, alongside commercial development and market needs. NTOU GLORIA with the spirit of actively participating in the international exhibition, in order to link the academic achievements and industrial needs, organize the products and technologies of some Professor and star-up team, and participate in the“2018 Taiwan International Fisheries & Seafood Show” apart from demonstrating its research results, it can also inspire the R & D personnel's innovative thinking by participating in this exhibition, and will help the evolution and development of the future technological products of the team. It will be of great benefit. Therefore, with the demand of “Progressive (Innovative) safety aquaculture feed additives development” and “ AI technology is applied to aquaculture”. Meanwhile showed the Professors’ distinguished technology as the following:
The technology from Professor, Hsin-Yiu Chou is “Innovative aquaculture feed additives” The technology characteristic is fish and shrimp broad-spectrum nucleic acid type immune enhancer. Its production is in line with 3H (Healthy, High quality, Humanity). This opens up a new chapter in aquaculture feed additives research, and the key technologies are controlled in the hands of the team, and the competition threshold is constructed through the strategy of protecting intellectual property, and other competitors can hardly breakthrough in the short term, so it has market advantage.
The technology from Professor, Han-Jia, Lin is “Herbmedotcin, a novel and safe antimicrobial material” Its technical features are the use of food-grade raw materials, which can effectively inhibit bacteria resistant and anti-bacteria and anti-fungi in aquatic industry. There are not contain toxicants through oral acute toxicity, skin irritation, skin sensitivity and genotoxicity tests.  and is also introduced by the famous international journal Science Translation Medicine It is considered as an important invention in the future to fight infectious diseases. It shows the value of this technology.
The technology from Professor, Chung-Cheng Chang is “Application of AI technology in intelligent aquaculture system” The technology of development goals to help Taiwan build competitive world aquaculture industry, promote Taiwan fishery transformation and enhance the international competitiveness by providing technical services to maximize fishermen, fishing production to minimize the cost of breeding, including key technologies: intelligent systems, intelligent cast bait image monitoring and behavior analysis, intelligence and ROV intelligent unmanned helicopter autonomous flight control and large data analysis.
Through this exhibition, GLORIA at NTOU hoped to trigger cooperation among industry, government, academia, and communicate with each other, and to achieve benefits including the development of the academic applications of aquaculture industries and academic internationalization. Furthermore, this exhibition facilitated the productive development of diverse aspects of mechanics in aquaculture in Taiwan, and was expected to open up new possibilities for international cooperation with Taiwan.
NTOU GLORIA promotes forward-looking aquaculture technology to the international, opens up a new chapter in the development of aquaculture.
The development of “application of AI technology in intelligent aquaculture system” is attracting attention.

Famous medium visiting NTOU booth, and inviting the further interview and report.