National Cheng Kung University
On behalf of NCKU, SAMPO, and RECHI, President Su teamed up with Chairman Chen and Deputy Chairman Liu to sign the "Memorandum of Cooperation for the Establishment of A Common Research Center" respectively on December 18, 2018, combining each other's strengths to learn more about consumer demand through the selections of cutting-edge research projects on campus and proposing solutions for the optimization of smart home & new compressor development technologies, manufacturing processes, and product chains. At the same time, talents with different backgrounds such as electrical engineering, computer science, science & technology, R&D, and management are also nurtured to bring new lives to the smart home in the future.
Held at 10:00 am in the morning at the multifunctional hall of NCKU Guang-Fu Campus, the signing ceremony was organized by GLORIA NCKU and witnessed by Chairman Huang of Ocean Affairs Council (also Former President of NCKU), General Manager Chen of SAMPO, Deputy General Manager Yang of SAMPO, General Manager Feng of RECHI, R&D Director Xu of RECHI , R&D Director Hsieh of NCKU, Deputy Director Hou of NCKU Technology Transfer & Business Incubation Center, Dean Lee of NCKU College of Engineering, and Chair Professor Zheng of NCKU College of Engineering.
After the signing ceremony was over, SAMPO and RECHI displayed smart household appliances such as the Internet of Things refrigerators, human-machine communication refrigerators, and compressor products respectively. A highly integrated smart home that regulates home lighting, air conditioning, audio-visual appliances through central control modules such as verbal control or remote control also makes people’s life easier with automatic judgment and automatic activation under environmental detection while taking carbon reduction and environmental protection into account. At the same time, RECHI also displayed representative new compressor products which were also very eye-catching.
Established in 1936, the domestic household appliance manufacturer SAMPO is a well-known brand for which NCKU alumni such as President Chen, General Manager Chen, and Deputy General Manager Yang hold leading positions. A new factory of SAMPO is about to be constructed in Tainan Technology Industrial Park Service Center which will focus on the research & development of power-saving & eco-friendly IoT household appliances and AI products in the future. Established in 1989, RECHI is the world's fourth largest manufacturer of air conditioning compressor by mastering the core of household appliances. By working closely with NCKU for a long time, RECHI not only donates grant scholarship for outstanding students each year but also actively promotes the Master Program of Motor Design and Drive Industry in the Electrical Engineering Department ever since 2015, so that the students are provided with the opportunities for internship and a visit to RECHI industrial complex in Mainland China, thereby learning how the actual enterprise works in the real world and how to apply for the job openings while connecting to the rest of the world after graduation.
In the "Scientific Research Institutions with the Most Paper Outputs on Household Appliances" published by Thomson Reuters in 2016, NCKU ranked the 3rd in the world. Under the joint effort of NCKU and universities with a wide range of specialties, NCKU has a significant R&D capacity in energy planning, green energy development, artificial intelligence, and industrial design. GLORIA NCKU will also shoulder the responsibility of industry chain so that companies are able to get instant academic resources whenever they encounter bottlenecks. At the same time, NCKU talents will be in line with market demand to accelerate the connection of domestic smart household appliances to the international market.

NCKU Former President Huang, SAMPO Chairman Chen, NCKU President Su, and RECHI Deputy Chairman Liu exhibit Memorandum of Cooperation for the Establishment of A Common Research Center together (from the left to the right).

Senior officials and unit supervisors of NCKU, SAMPO, and RECHI participated in the signing ceremony.

RECHI Deputy Chairman Liu (right) accompanied SAMPO Chairman Chen (left) to introduce the features of RECHI compressors to NCKU Chair Professor Zheng and NCKU President Su (middle).