National Chung Hsing University
  • 2019 Jan 14
  • The First Exclusive Course for National Chung Hsing University GLORIA Members: The Valuable Secrete, a Limitless Business of Functional Food DesignDevelopment
Regarding to the service of members, NCHU GLORIA believe that we cannot just focus on the matchmaking of industry-university cooperation. We could provide the influential educational/training course by professors’ energy. Therefore we decided to hold the first closed-door membership training course: “The Valuable Secrete, a Limitless Business of Functional Food Design and Development.” On 11th, Jan., 2019, there were 4 outstanding speakers with several attractive topics: 1) Professor YK Lin, the COO of NCHU GLORIA, shares the “Development and Application of Functional Food by Bio-design Method,” 2) Professor Chi-Fai Chau, NCHU, proposed the “Assessment and Review Principles for health foods,” 3) Dr. Nian-Zhou Yao, Sinew Consulting Group, speech for the three sub-parts, Commercialization Process with Seven Steps, Commodity Core Work, such as Positioning, Regulatory, Intelligent, Marketing, Commodity Power and Cases, 4) Professor Chang-Wei Hsieh, proposed the topic of the ”Development Strategy of High Value Commodities.” With such strong and powerful speakers, this course is set at NT$10,000, and members also have the exchange opportunities to communicate with each other!

The opening ceremony of today’s course was by Professor YK Lin, the COO of NCHU GLORIA. In addition to introducing the service and operation mechanism of the GLORIA, he also gave a speech on the "Bio-designing in the development of functional foods" with his twice experience in start-up a new business. He also proposed and emphasized the importance of business model. After his talk, Professor Dr. Chau shared the “Assessment and Review Principles for health foods.” He focused the view on the point of “Always know your tools! (工欲善其事,必先利其器).” Manufacturers may got the unlimited business opportunities from the functional food design and development. However, there would be quite high risk to encounter many unrecoverable problems if manufacturers would not carefully follow design rule or related laws in the initial stage. Otherwise, researchers may have to back to the initial stage revising the original R&D design.

In the noon time of the course, there are also another two outstanding speakers, Dr. Yao of Sinew Consulting Group and Professor Hsieh from NCHU. Dr. Yao shared the commercialization process work experiences with his veteran consultant. Apart from the practical processes and steps, he also reminds every one of the product positioning, related regulations, intellectual property and marketing. In the end part, Professor Hsieh proposed the five successful commercialization with keen and precise insights in his expert fields: health food development, food safety management, and cosmetics research and development. That five accepts include 1) to look for development targets, 2) observing the epidemic Trends, 3) to add the creative and story to production increasing attraction, 4) to enhance scientific and technological power on product value, 5) must to understand regulations and policies before the first step in R&D stage.

After today’s course, lots of members propose and encourage NCHU GLORIA to hold this kind of courses in the future. The relationship of memberships are not only being closer, but also could inspire more braining storming to them. Hope they could create bigger economic efficiency after such serious law and rules for more valuable functional food.

【Group Photo】People from left to right: GLORIA COO, Mr. YK, Lin, GLORIA CEO, Dr. John Hsu, the Director of Pingtung Agricultural Biotechnology Park, Ms. Shu- Hsien, Chang, Dr. Nian-Zhou Yao, Sinew Consulting Group, and Professor Chi-Fai Chau of Department of Food Science and Biotechnology of NCHU.