National Chung Hsing University
  • 2018 Dec 14
  • The Tide of Tea The “Tea Industry Elite Summit Forum in 2018” Took Place in Chung Hsing GLORIA
In 7th Dec., 2018, there were more than two hundreds tea industrial leaders and elites joined the “Tea Industry Elite Summit Forum in 2018” in National Chung Hsing University. This forum was hosted by the Bachelor Program of Bio-Industry Management and co-organized by the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, International College of Innovation and Industry Liaison, Agricultural Bank of Taiwan, and NCHU GLORIA. The forum also invited lots of academic and industrial experts and entrepreneurs, including Mr. Chi-Chung Chen (the Deputy Ministry of Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan), Ms. Hong-xi Li, (Tea Research and Extension Station (TRES), Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan), Mr. Yao-hui Wang, (the Chairman of Chatime Co., Ltd.), Mr. Lou-Zen Chen, (the Professor of Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture, NTU), Mr. Chien-Te Chen, (Professor of Department of Agronomy, NCHU). Furthermore, there were six keynote speakers was invited to discussion of “Tea Elite Speech”, including Mr. Johnny Tu (the CEO of Hwa Gung Tea, Co., Ltd.), Mr. Chen Guan-Lin (the manager of YoshanTea Group), Mr. Tommy Tang (The founder of Tea Talk Group), Mr. Shun-yuan Wu (the vice president of WUSHILand Co., Ltd.), Ms. Yan-Ling Liu (the Director of Chun Shui Tang Co., Ltd.), and Mr. Yu Ke Yuan (the CEO of Chin International Hotel). They shared the viewpoint of marketing and innovation about tea industry, policy, market, and so on.

Mr. Chi-Chung Chen, the Deputy Minister of Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan, he mentioned that tea industry does have high reputation and high unit price even though the planting area of Taiwan's tea is reduced. The domestic and foreign market has great potential and unlimited business opportunities. Taiwan's primary tea production is reaching 13,000 tons a year, and the output value is up to 76 to 8 billion NTD. The tea retail industry even can reach 150 billion NTD, of which bottled tea drinks accounted for more than 25 billion NTD. The net consumption of domestic tea and imported tea is about 33,000 tons, of which the demand for handmade tea drink industry accounts for one-third in Taiwan tea market. These all indicate that the prospect of the tea industry is promising. However, the problems of pesticide residues in agriculture and the shortage of agricultural labor force also deeply affect the management of the tea industry. And, regarding the shortage of labor and other issues, Dr. Bi-Kun Tsai, the director of the NCHU Bio-industry Management Research Institute, who hosted this forum, also echo his point of view in response to this issue. Dr. Tsai mentioned that NCHU form from agriculture, and will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2019, and endeavored to cultivate professional talents in agriculture and biology field. At present, the relevant industrial fields of the Bio-Industry Management Department include the tea industry, and the theme of this forum. We hope to bring the new production and management thinking to our teachers and students.

To the tide of tea industry, the power of the tea industry cannot be denied in the world’s culture. The relationship between the human world and tea is really close as the world is also accelerating the change of industrial culture. And, it is quite meaningful that today’s forum is in NCHU as well. We also believe that the related campus inspection center and professional teacher and students all can provide omnipresent services for the tea industry. We look forward to cooperating with these related industries among the industries, government and university to continue the wonderful inheritance.

Group Shooting of the Tea Industry Elite Summit Forum in 2018.