National Taipei University of Technology
  • 2019 Jan 04
  • NTUT GLORIA & Walsin Technology Corporation Join Alliance, Forge New Benchmark for Academia-Industry Cooperation
The NTUT GLORIA held the “NTUT Academia-Industry Alliance Signing Ceremony for New International Members and Strategic Alliance Partners” with Walsin Technology Corp. and the Institute for Information Industry at the National Taipei University of Technology on January 4th, 2019. The agreement formalizing the new strategic partnership between the Alliance, Walsin, and Institute for Information Industry was signed by Ministry of Science and Technology Director Dr. Chyou-huey Chiou, NTUT President Sea-fue Wang, Institute for Information Industry Acting President Bo-ren Siao, and Walsin President Li-chin Ku. This groundbreaking strategic partnership sets the foundation for mutual cooperation across a wide range of research and development initiatives.

Walsin and Institute for Information Industry join the NTUT GLORIA to create an innovative new platform for academia-industry cooperation.

NTUT President Wang stated that the NTUT GLORIA is a new, one-stop, multifaceted service platform with a primary mission of connecting academia-industry project partners with international markets and then providing critical talent and scientific research services to key industry sectors. President Wang noted that cooperation through the Alliance framework has already realized three important results: 1) preparing new talent for industry through practical training and internship opportunities; 2) helping its members upgrade critical technologies and effectively execute enterprise transformation; and 3) creating new business opportunities by linking academic R&D resources and results to industry over the Alliance platform.
President Wang reminded ceremony attendees of the strong alumni ties of Walsin Technology, an Alliance member since 2018, with NTUT and its long-term participation in academia-industry partnership programs. Furthermore, Walsin’s Malaysian subsidiary PSA-Kamaya has also joined the Alliance as an international member. In line with ongoing efforts to realize program goals and to effectively serve the needs of Walsin Technology, the NTUT GLORIA, in addition to providing smart-production transformation services, will organize staff training courses for Walsin at NTUT as well as hold tailored recruitment activities for the company on the NTUT campus. These activities will work to channel the school’s outstanding Malaysian students to Walsin, both as an exceptional pool of local human-resource talent for the company and as ready-made job opportunities for NTUT’s Malaysian alumni.
Walsin Technology President Li-chin Ku remarked that, although his company’s level of production automation for its automotive electronic components is already higher than its other product categories, it is still not sufficient to keep up with current customer demand in this sector. He expressed hope that ongoing cooperation with NTUT would assist Walsin to fully automate its production lines and ultimately double or even triple production capacity.

NTUT’s Industry 4.0-compliant smart demonstration factory integrated with Institute for Information Industry’s new ServBox device effectively facilitates the upgrade to smart production.

Since 2008, Institute for Information Industry has been facilitating the global marketing and sales efforts of industrial manufacturers in central Taiwan through the Technology Development Program (TDP). Institute for Information Industry provided one of the stars of this initiative, the innovative ServBox CNC machine tool synchronized communications device, for display at NTUT. Already in use with over 3,000 CNC devices worldwide in countries such as China and Mexico, ServBox is a proven and effective tool for achieving smart-manufacturing goals.
Institute for Information Industry Acting President Bo-ren Siao stated that ServBox marks a revolutionary advance in service-oriented CNC machining capabilities. Not only is the device an effective remote-service platform linking CNC machines and tool machine factories, it also provides the means for these factories to supply innovative cloud-based services such as adaptive control and various productivity management functionalities. The greatest impact of this device, President Siao continued, is its ability to greatly expand and deepen the partnership between tool machine factories and their customers, with customers now able to earn significant new synergistic benefits through highly flexible productivity.  
NTUT Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering Department Chairman Chen-cheng Ting added that the Industry 4.0-compliant smart demonstration factory created at NTUT is both fully automated and designed for use in education and research. All machines in this state-of-the-art facility are able to communicate and work cooperatively, with execution responsibilities for each new job optimally distributed automatically among the available machines in the system. These smart production lines are a fully automated. Professor Ting continued, saying that Walsin’s Malaysia subsidiary will set up a cyber-physical system (CPS) as the first step toward fully automating its production lines, and should fully transition over into a smart factory in one-and-a-half to two-years’ time.