National Chiao Tung University
The most popular technology exhibition, 2019 CES, happened in Las Vegas from 1/8 to 1/11.  More than 4,500 exhibiting companies and 180K attendees are from 150 countries. This year the main point of innovative technology is AI, AR/VR, 5G, Robots, Self-Driving cars, Car Networking, Smart cities, Smart- Health ,etc. GLORIA-NCTU has strong semiconductor resources and knowledge. Of course, GLORIA-NCTU must be there.
This year GLORIA-NCTU led three alliance members to the exhibition. To showcase the new creation of alliance members, at the same time, to guide the international innovation energy linking to the leading technology industry supply in Taiwan.

The leading company in Edge AI solutions
Kneron announced new generation of AI solutions, it supports the mainstream 3D sensing technology, and providing more accurate image recognition. In addition to the NPU and visual recognition software, Kneron also announced that it will add the AI SoC product line, and launch AI SoC for smart home applications in 2019 second quarter, and first announced that the integration of AI SoC and industrial computers.

Figure 1: Kneron 2019CES booth visitors

Ultra-high pixel density(UHPD) and smart pixel & IC(SPIC)
5G era is coming. High speed of data transformation is significant improving and leading to the popularity of IoT domain. In the future, AI Application and Big Data analysis will need more innovative hardware to support including large-area sensor technology and high-density display technology, etc. INT demonstrated core knowledge of TFT and their own patents for many years. They have developed three technology platform including Smart Pixel&IC, UHPD and O’flex. Take this technology as a new start, they assist their cooperation partner, and aim on high value market of smart sensor、AR/VR and smart healthcare. INT’s technology is reported by UK professional technology news website-VRFocus (

Figure 2: VRFocus reported.

Strives to create the industry's lowest power wireless connectivity technology solution
Netlink take the true low power wireless connectivity solutions for IoT as their business goal. Netlink product -OPL1000 is an embedded multi-standards 2.4GHz wireless connectivity solution. It integrates Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Smart into one single SoC to make IoT system interconnect design and connect to the cloud much easier with more flexibility. It can be widely used like in smart door locks , smart scale, smart home, portable medical equipment for home use.
It delivers industry lowest power consumption, highest performance, hassles free connectivity, scalable network, and lowest system cost. OPL1000 is popular as soon as it is launched, and it can be better serve the IoT market with scalable, better battery life and more secure connections.

Figure3:(Left)Netlink CEO Jason Lin、(Middle)GLORIA-NCTU Ph D. Herming Chiueh

GLORIA-NCTU visit booths of various manufacturers through the CES exhibition, and introduce GLORIA organization and service. We hope to introduce Taiwan’s resource to world through CES, and build a bridge with international to develop AI, IOT, VR, AR, e-health, Biotech, and self-driving car, etc.; moreover, striving to get innovation come to Taiwan and develop new products and businesses based on the advantages of Taiwan manufacturing.