National Sun Yat-sen University
  • 2018 Dec 24
  • New Senior Life StyleTechnology-Conference of Assistive Technology for Independent Life Nursing Care
Taiwan Independent Assistive Care Association became the alliance partner of National Sun Yat-sen University (NSYSU) Gloria team since 2018 Smart City Exhibition. This alliance partnership creates the first smart care platform which combined with the trial site built in nursing centers. It also helps to link the new care concept, independent assistive care model, with industry and universities to assure the related products can be adapted to real practice. The association and NSYSU Gloria team have moved the partnership forward recently.  Both parties organized a conference together on Dec.4, 2018 which focus on the topic of “New Senior Life Style and Technology". The participants include the owners of the senior care center and nursing home, doctors, product developers, researchers from universities and caregivers. They join the conference to discuss the product demands and business possibilities under the concept of independent assistive care model.
With the rapid growth of the aging population and related care demands, every country is trying very hard to develop suitable care model. New products to fit modern care model are definitely essential.  Independent assistive care model has been introduced to Taiwan from Japan since 2013 and most of the care centers which involved this system have come to a significant good result. Not only the function of patients has been enhanced but also their quality of life is improved. They, therefore, can enjoy more in daily life. However, there are still not enough suitable products in the market to fit this care model.  The conference includes the keynote speaker, who has been promoting independent assistive care for years in Japan. NSYSU Gloria team also takes the opportunity to shares the trend of assistive technology development and the capacity of research/technology on the campus. In addition, the famous assistive technology developer also presents a new product which is developed under the collaboration with nursing centers which have introduced the system of independent assistive care model. All the participants can learn and clearly understand the new care model and related demands.
With the linkage on the platform organized by NSYSU Gloria team, people from nursing centers and product developers can exchange experiences and opinions. From this activity, they can discuss the related technology they may use and discover unmet needs. Doctors and researchers from universities can also share their points of views about assistive technology and products. The conference brings a good bridge for caregivers, clinical experts, researchers, and product developers.  Also, we hope the aging population can enjoy their daily lives from the good value of independent assistive care.

Keynote speaker Mr. Yagi Hideaki, GM of HANAMIZUKI Group, shared the history of Self-supporting Care in Japan, and its important value in society. He also provided suggestions for Self-supporting Care development in Taiwan.

Keynote speaker, Cyrus Tong, Assistant VP of HIWIN TECHNOLOGIES CORP., talked about the concept of Self-supporting Care brings the innovative service model combining technologies and long-term care.
Keynote speaker, Chin-Li Lin, CEO of Taiwan Self-supporting Care Professional Development Association, talked about Self-supporting Care drives the development of the elderly industry.
Keynote Speaker Richard S.N. Chang, CEO of Southern Taiwan Global Research & Industry Alliance (GLORIA) - The impact and effect that Southern Taiwan Global Research & Industry Alliance brings on the elderly industry.